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The Bloom

with SELebrate Good Times

Crafted with care by the very hands that shape young minds, this professional development journey is unlike any other.


Rooted in the art of Social Emotional Learning, mental health, and the power of community and connection, it's a

 heart-centered sanctuary for educators, designed by educators.


The Bloom is for educators who seek to grow professionally and personally, and wish to collaborate and connect with other educators across all grade levels, states, and communities. It is for school leaders who want to take their practices to the next level, and who are ready to look for possibilities of what their classrooms, schools, and districts could look and feel like.


If your SEL fire has been lit, and you are ready to soak in even more inspiration to carry out your vision and transformation, then this is for you. Connection and Collaboration, without Competition, are at the heart of The Bloom. We are so looking forward to lifting you up, creating partnerships across the country, and growing alongside one another during our time together.

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