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Calm Space Tent

Calm Space Starter Kit

Sometimes our students just need some time to check in on their emotions, choose strategies that will support them, regroup, and then come back and join the class.

Starter Kit Books

With less disruptions and big outbursts, a calm space is the perfect tool for some students.

Teacher Starter Kit

It can be overwhelming searching through TPT, Amazon, TikTok, and Pinterest. These are my absolute must-haves in every K-6 classroom.

Starter Kit Books

You need the best of the best products to support your students and to ensure that your days run smoothly so you can continue to soak in the calm and ease of your work day.

Starter Kit Books

School Starter Kit

Looking to purchase items for your teachers, counselors, and support staff? These are my absolute must-haves for every K-6 elementary school. 

Starter Kit Books

Add these items to your classrooms, create a positive school culture and climate that supports the social and emotional needs of all students, and create common systems and a common language across your entire campus.

Starter Kit Item

Family Starter Kit

Creating a new rhythm in your home comes from consistency with your strategies, systems, and common language within your home.


These are my favorite things that will help you start that total transformation in taking your family from chaos to calm.

All clothing purchases are final. There are no returns due to the customization and distribution of these products.

Please note that all products run true to size and have been created, curated, and carefully picked out by Kim Gameroz of SELebrate Good Times, LLC. in order to connect educators and students who embrace the B.I.S.O.N. mentality across the United States and beyond.

Be Intentional So Others Notice ®

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