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Rock Your School
with Get Your Teach On

Kim was asked to speak at Get Your Teach On: Rock Your School. Her virtual session was about taking a systematic approach to teaching Social Emotional Learning and Emotional Check-Ins with students. 

Click HERE for more information about Get Your Teach On and the Rock Your School Conference.

Miniland USA

Kim teamed up with Miniland USA to show educators how to implement Social Emotional Learning in the classroom in a 4-part webcast series:


1. Managing Emotions

2. A Systematic Approach to Social Emotional Learning

3. Routines and Goal Setting

4. Supporting Families at Home 

She was a guest blogger with Miniland  for their YOU BELONG campaign.


Read her blog about their products and how they foster Social Emotional Learning and inclusion in the classroom HERE.


Kim also created two short video clips to showcase their Social Emotional Learning products and toys, and how educators can easily use them in the classroom to support the various needs of all their students. 

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PBIS rewards

PBIS Rewards helps schools create a positive climate in which every student can learn and grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

PBIS Rewards is a Software-as-a-Service solution that provides an automated schoolwide PBIS management system. Our system simplifies the implementation and tracking of the PBIS framework within a school. With PBIS Rewards, school administration can clearly see how teachers are utilizing PBIS and how PBIS is improving school culture.

Kim was asked to speak at their Summer Conference: PBIScon22 about how to easily integrate Social Emotional Learning and PBIS in the classroom. 

Find out how to use PBIS Rewards in your school HERE.

Lights, Cameras, Teach: a screenplay for engagement, culture, and relationships

Kim is a contributing author in this incredibly inspiring book by Los Angeles based educator and presenter, Keven J. Butler.


Readers can find her words written on the last two pages of this book under the Educator Spotlight where she writes about Social Emotional Learning: A Lifeboat,

Not a Buzzword. 

Lights, Cameras, TEACH!, published by Dave Burgess Publishing, brings the magic of the movies to the classroom, presenting a scene-by-scene script full of film-inspired ideas for educators. It’s a powerful reflection of collaborative effort to achieve a shared vision. Like directors, educators do their best work when they build relationships, and when students, parents, colleagues, administrators, and staff work together with teachers toward a common goal, just like in the movies, anything is possible! 

Click HERE to purchase your copy!

Use these links to find out more about Dave Burgess or Dave Burgess Publishing.


Kim was chosen to speak at Social Thinking's 12th Annual Global Providers' Conference in San Francisco, California in 2019. 

She shared how she had created a Social Emotional Learning Roadmap of systems for her school district, and showcased how Social Thinking's concepts and curriculum, as well as the Zones of Regulation, can be used in the general education, mainstream, classroom with ALL learners.

Click HERE for more information about Social Thinking.

Social Thinking's 
Global Providers' Conference

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Jill and Mary are the CEO's of Girls Mentorship: Where they empower girls to be the best versions of themselves. During the summer of 2022, this Phoenix, Arizona based dynamic duo asked Kim to be a guest speaker on their Podcast: What's the Lesson?

In this episode, Kim talks about Social Emotional Learning, the key to making anchor charts STICK, and she gives her TOP 2 takeaways she wishes all educators, schools, districts, and families would walk away with to enhance their classrooms and homes in all things Social Emotional Learning.

Curious about what those two lessons are?

Check out the Podcast HERE

And to find out more about Jill and Mary and Girls Mentorship, click HERE.

What's the Lesson podcast

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Aspire To Lead podcast

Joshua Stamper provides an opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced and accomplished educational leaders. As we grow in our leadership skills, it's imperative to learn from other leaders' successes, trials, and misconceptions. Each week, he provides valuable stories, resources, and advice to enhance your leadership journey.

In this episode, Josh and Kim break down the misconceptions of Social Emotional Learning and how to build a systematic approach to have the most impact with SEL.

Listen to the Podcast Episode HERE.

Learn more about Joshua Stamper and his books, blog, and podcasts. And click HERE to learn more about the Teach Better Team.

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Kim Gamaroz.HEIC

More of what Matters podcast

Kim talks with Andrea Olson of the More of What Matters podcast where she has open and honest conversations with daring women who are doing BIG things out there in the world. 


In this episode Kim talks about Being the BISON, and her trademark: Be Intentional So Others Notice. You'll listen to her speak about Social Emotional Learning, her journey into entrepreneurship, and advice for mamas, teachers, and leaders in education. 

It's an episode you don't want to miss. 

Listen to the full episode HERE.

Teaching Social Emotional Skills in the classroom

Kim and Southern California high school teacher, Darin Nakakihara, talk about the Mood Meter and how to support tween and teen students' Social Emotional Learning. 

Click HERE to see more from Darin.

Idaho Social Learning Center

Jaime Rivetts, Social World Expert based in Ketchum, Idaho, asked Kim to join her and speak about Social Emotional Learning and the impact that the Coronavirus pandemic has had on parenting and educating your children at home. Jaime currently works with children and families who need guidance and support when it comes to navigating the social world, and she is the founder and CEO of Idaho Social Learning Center.

For more information about Jaime and Idaho Social Learning Center click HERE


Shop Speechy Interview

Kim talks with Shop Speechy, an online boutique for inclusion advocates that is based in Southern California and created by Speech Pathologist, Iris.


Iris reached out to Kim because of her knowledge and passion to SELebrate inclusion. As a brand, Shop Speechy is here to increase public awareness of what the allied health professions and educators contribute to our society. They advocate on behalf of individuals with disabilities to foster greater acceptance and inclusion for families with special needs.  


Kim 's blog post and campaign focused on promoting

mental health advocacy and mental wellness in young children.

See the full interview HERE.

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