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Back to BISON?

Here we are...again. Back to SCHOOL. Another school year is about to begin, and I'm feeling all the feels. I'm sure most of you are feeling it too.

But seriously, how do YOU feel? Right now. In this very moment. How are you feeling?

Are you filled with anxiety? Stressing over trying to relax and enjoy the rest of your summer? But then you just end up stressing even more because you're thinking about all of the things that you're not doing to prepare for the school year? So then you just end up "Stresslaxing?"

I saw a post this morning about that phrase, and it literally had me almost in tears. Because I KNOW that brain. I KNOW that teacher guilt. I KNOW that feeling all too well.

But you know what...something shifted in me (early....thankfully) in my educational career.

I realized that the planning, the prepping, the organizing, the laminating, the creating, the cutting, the LEARNING, shifting, and pivoting...IT ALL MADE ME FEEL AMAZING. It fueled me. It made me realize who MY people were...the like-minded, heart-centered, go with the flow....yet prepare and we could soak in every amazing moment WITH our students ALL YEAR LONG.

And that's what I did...and what I still do...every single summer.

I relax, I wrap my arms around my family and friends that fuel me, and I get to work with my incredible teacher community. We learn, we get organized, and we connect, collaborate, and grow together so that we can truly be the best versions of ourselves when that first day of school comes knocking on our doors. We're intentional in everything that we do. There's no fluff, no time wasted, and the words that come out of our mouth are intended to TEACH social and emotional skills.

We're not EXPECTING our students to come to us with brains that make navigating the social world fact, I think it's safe to say that we're actually being SO intentional in our teaching, that we're looking forward to seeing those lagging skills in our kids...and their families. We know how to support them through systems (things that we do ALL day long, every single day) that will have a true impact on our students. We know that we have strategies that will guide them, help them plan, prepare, and carry out every task no matter the size. And we have the support of an AMAZING community of educators and district leaders who we can lean on for guidance, love, and assistance throughout the entire school year.

My Teaching Inside Out coaching community has my heart and soul. Monday coaching days are my absolute favorite thing because I KNOW that the conversations are going to last ALL DAY. These educators span all across the United States, and although most of us have never met in person, I know one day SOON...I will get the chance to work with every single one of them directly in their state, with their district, in their classroom, alongside their colleagues and administration.

How do I know this?

Because MY community is filled with BISON.


You see, my Coach once told me the thing with bison. When there's a storm, cows will run AWAY from it. They see the lightning, and they hear the thunder, and they're afraid. So what do they do? They run, of course!

But BISON, bison run INTO the storm. They see that lightning, and they hear that thunder, and they run INTO it.

They're brave. They're bold. They're freaking FEARLESS.

And THAT is my Teaching Inside Out community. They know that there are big behaviors, they realize that curriculum is being changed or added to their already overflowing plate, they've seen kids come into their classrooms and thought, "I don't think I know how to help this kid." And guess what??? Instead of running away. Instead of arguing, or talking S@*% on their admin, or district, or other teachers, families, or kids...they ran INTO that storm and DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

They know that they can't do it alone. They know that they need to FEEL supported. And they know that it gets to be easy...that it WILL FEEL EASY because they have a herd of other like-minded bison to Connect and Collaborate with.

You see, I've seen WAY too many educators who add in one more "C" word into the mix...And THIS is where I tend to see toxic relationships in the work place. I mean...extremely much toxic negativity that when you walk into the school, the walls FEEL heavy.


That's it. That's the other "C" word.

And when you Connect AND Collaborate AND Compete with the people you work feels yucky. It feels suffocating. You walk on eggshells and tiptoe around your colleagues. You hide the AMAZING things you're doing. You're embarrassed by your gift. And it makes your second home feel heavy day in and day out.

Connection + Collaboration + Competition does NOT work. It lends itself to an extremely toxic environment. It isn't good for kids...and it definitely isn't good for the adults either.

However, Connection + Collaboration - Competition???? That's the key to success. Long lasting, sustainable, and beautiful success for EVERYONE.

Because when you take your EGO out of the equation, and you focus on your WHY, the intention behind your work FEELS different. It feels easy. It flows. And THAT is the beginning of true support and change.

And THAT's what I teach my community. I look from the OUTSIDE in, so they can teach from the INSIDE out. And they are intentional every single step of the way. So intentional that other people start to notice. They notice the little things about you that are starting to change. They see that you're confident. They see that you're prepared. They see that you're fearless. They see the flow in the way you teach, the way that you sound, and the steps that you take.

THIS is the BISON.






It's my recipe for success. And it's what I teach into every single week in my Teaching Inside Out coaching group.

I've always known that it was my mission to support teachers, but now that mission has morphed over the last few years. Not only am I here to support them, but I am here to EMPOWER them.

Because there's a big world out there. And I know that I can't get into every single classroom all across the world. BUT there is a way for me to empower my educators so they can do the same thing for the teachers, staff, students, and families that THEY support each day.

And it all starts with YOU.

One email, one video, one letter telling your administration that YOU NEED HELP. You're a BISON heading into that storm, and you're looking for someone to lead your herd.

That is what one of my incredible clients did just last week. She wasn't going to go into this new storm, this new school year, alone. She wanted to connect and collaborate with my community...AND she wanted her entire school district to FEEL the difference.

THIS is the email that she wrote to leaders in her school district. Fast forward a week later, and I'll be working with the ENTIRE district all year long next school year.

I'm sharing this here not because I'm asking you to do the same thing that she did. I'm sharing this here because I want you to know that it's POSSIBLE.

It's possible for you to feel like her. It's possible for you to transform your school year. And it's possible for you, and your colleagues, students, and families to start truly supporting one another in an intentional way.

Because when you do...others sure will start to notice!

Curious to see if my Teaching Inside Out coaching community is a good fit for you? Email me and we'll schedule a discovery call to find out.

The world needs more BISON educators out there. And I know there's a bison within you. You wouldn't have read this blog post if you weren't one already.

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Kim Gameroz is a change agent for schools and districts who seek to revolutionize classrooms by taking on a systematic approach to teaching social and emotional skills.

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