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Anchor Charts, Writing, & AI ... OH MY!

Ever wonder what the HEARTBEAT of your classroom truly is? Of your coaching? Of your HOME?

For me, it's always been Social Emotional Learning. True connection, understanding, and seeing the HUMANS in front of me is what makes the magic happen!

But how do we bring that into our teaching and involve SEL in our academics?

Social Emotional Learning isn't one more thing on your plate. It IS the plate.

We simply cannot dive into content without first establishing a solid SEL foundation. Our students (and us!) need to feel regulated, calm, and ready to learn. Otherwise, it's a constant uphill battle.

Let's eliminate the battle and start our school year already regulated, calm, and ready to learn!

Tune in to my workshop, Anchor Charts, Writing, & AI ... Oh My!, on our Facebook Group!

I'm giving you everything you need right now so that you can enjoy every last ounce of summer, and start soaking in every bit of calm in your classroom - from DAY ONE!


Anchor Charts for the first 3 days of school

How to teach writing without tears (from YOU and your students)

How to bring AI into the classroom

Get out of your comfort zone and listen in!

P.S. Are you ready for our launch of A Year of SEL?

I am so excited to open up the doors officially to A Year of SEL. We have EVERYTHING you need to take your classroom from chaos to calm.

What you get with A Year of SEL:

  • Access to the Educator Website | 10 months of systems & concepts to implement in your classroom, paired with anchor chart ideas, book recommendations, actionable steps, and phrases to support your teaching!

  • A Professional Development Hub | 45+ support videos and interactive comprehensive pages, expanding from specific behavior support to supplemental videos for PLCs & Staff Meetings. *You can also receive a certificate of completion in our Professional Development series for continuing education! 

  • Our ENTIRE Visual Support Collection | Managing emotions, morning meetings & greetings, brag tags, even SST & IEP data tracking and grant writing - you'll get it all!


We are not meant to do this work alone! Learn more about A Year of SEL and check in our Facebook Group for the launch!!


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Kim Gameroz is a change agent for schools and districts who seek to revolutionize classrooms by taking on a systematic approach to teaching social and emotional skills.

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