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Finding Your Community

Are you craving a change in your classroom? Your school? Your district? Your HOME?

You are tired. Your teachers are tired. Your families need help. And your schools are falling apart.

Your first step towards creating that sense of calm, that sense of support, that light at the end of the tunnel - It’s right here.

Something amazing is happening with the educators and administrators in this community.

The Bloom Community

They feel lighter, happier, more confident, and they’re sharing and spreading all of their strategies and knowledge to anyone - and everyone! - that will listen! The feeling of knowing that you don’t have to go through those hard days ALONE and that you have a community of heart-centered educators to lift you up is what SELebrate Good Times is all about.

There is nothing quite like THIS community!!!

The support, guidance, mentorship, and love is different over here at SELebrate Good Times.

Trust me…there is no greater gift than being surrounded by people who GET YOU, pour into you, inspire, and energize you.

It’s too difficult to do this job on an island all on your own. In fact, we’re not supposed to work like this.

You need your people.

Looking to test the waters first?

- Start listening to our intentional conversations over on our Becoming The BISON Facebook Group.

- Check out SELebrate Good Times on Instagram.

It’s the perfect way to tap into a community of teachers who GET IT like you do and who put Social Emotional Learning at the forefront of their teaching.

I can't wait to see you there!


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Disclaimer: The resources and ideas found on this website are all research-based and vetted with a parent and educator lens. The tools listed have worked for students and children that I work with; however, each child is different. This list is not exhaustive and is a compilation of ideas and strategies to try in schools or at home. No information on this website should be used as medical advice. I am not a clinical psychologist, but I do work alongside them as thought partners in this journey.

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Kim Gameroz is a change agent for schools and districts who seek to revolutionize classrooms by taking on a systematic approach to teaching social and emotional skills.

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