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Keeping Calm as a Parent in a Season of Chaos

Not only is it important to support our children, but it's important that we as parents have the tools and strategies to support ourselves. In order to be the very best versions of ourselves each day, we must tune into our own social and emotional well-being. 


Identifying your feelings and finding strategies that you can use to support you in these moments is crucial.


What do YOU do when you're feeling upset, sad, worried, scared, excited, or doubtful?


In order to keep our families and children calm and comfortable, we must regulate our own emotions and our behaviors. Co-regulation with the people around us occurs only when we are regulated first. 

What types of activities, smells, phone calls, and actions can you take in order to support yourself?

Phrases to use to keep ourselves, as parents, calm in what can be chaos in our homes:
What can I do to quietly ease my mind?
What physical activity can I do inside or outside to get my body moving?
What do I need in this moment?
What is the size of this problem?
Does the size of my reaction match the size of this problem?
Can I take some time to myself BEFORE I get upset?

As the Summer months begin, and our kiddos are at home, take time to ease your body and mind, and figure out what tools, phrases, or activities work for you to keep your home calm in a season of chaos.


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