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Family Starter Kit

Creating a new rhythm in your home comes from consistency with your strategies, systems, and common language within your home. These are my favorite things that will help you start that total transformation in taking your family from chaos to calm.

You can check out all my must-haves on my Amazon Storefront!

Picture Books
Grab some of my favorite books that you can reread time and time again with your kiddos.

From supporting stuck thinking and managing emotions to fostering kindness and executive function, these books are perfect for all families. I have used these books in my classroom and my own home and continue to learn something new about my students, child, and myself, each time we read them

Sensory Tools
Support your child's sensory needs with these small, useful tools that they can use throughout the day!

These tools can be so effective in promoting emotional regulation and supporting our kiddos who are seeking access to a variety of sensory stimulation. Whether you use these as a tool to pair with learning opportunities at home, or as a calming, sensory space, these tools are perfect for any home.

Calm Space
Build a calm space that allows your children to manage their emotions, regulate, and find support throughout the day.

Creating a space in your home where your children can feel safe to go to in times of upset or anger to emotionally regulate is VITAL. Check out my other post on creating a Calm Space to see all of my favorite tools!

Curating spaces and tools that children can use freely to manage themselves and their emotions is so important to fostering a supportive, intentional home. Check out my Amazon Storefront to see all of my go-to tools!

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Kim Gameroz is a change agent for schools and districts who seek to revolutionize classrooms by taking on a systematic approach to teaching social and emotional skills.

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