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Teacher Starter Kit

It can be overwhelming searching through TPT, Amazon, TikTok, and Pinterest for the perfect items to put in your classroom. The amount of hours that you're working and investing in your classroom are valuable, and scrolling through endless options is only taking away from that valuable time.

I have created a simple, yet effective list of what I believe are my absolute must-haves in every K-6 classroom. You need and deserve the best of the best products to support your students and to ensure that your days run smoothly so you can continue to soak in the calm and ease of your work day. I built this list not only for new teachers building their first classroom, but also for seasoned teachers, resetting their spaces, so every educator can bring their best to their students.

You can check out the entire Teacher Starter Kit on my Amazon Storefront, but here are my highlights!

Anchor Chart Materials

It's no secret that I love anchor charts. When we add visuals that actually support our students, and teach into their lagging skills, we start to see the classroom community that we've been dreaming of:

  • a classroom that's calm,

  • a space where students solve problems on their own;

  • peers who support one another,

  • and a teacher who has all the tools and strategies to support all of their learners.

You can get access to my FREEBIE Anchor Chart bundle, grab your materials, and get creative in your classroom!


Books are vital to any classroom, but choosing the right books can change the mindset in our classroom, and aid us in our teaching! I have spent the time curating lists of books that can help us teach and address the various situations that we may face in our classrooms. In the Teacher Starter Kit, I have added some of my favorites - for both kids and teachers - that are a great start to building a classroom library that promotes a calm, regulated learning space.


Having the ultimate organized beautiful classroom is the dream, but can feel unattainable when we see all of the options out there on social media. I've included simple, yet effective products to promote easy organization to keep your day and classroom calm. Even the smallest changes in our classroom can make all the difference in our work day.

Whether you are a first-year teacher starting out, or a well-seasoned educator, these tools can help support you and your students throughout each and every school day!


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Disclaimer: The resources and ideas found on this website are all research-based and vetted with a parent and educator lens. The tools listed have worked for students and children that I work with; however, each child is different. This list is not exhaustive and is a compilation of ideas and strategies to try in schools or at home. No information on this website should be used as medical advice. I am not a clinical psychologist, but I do work alongside them as thought partners in this journey.

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Kim Gameroz is a change agent for schools and districts who seek to revolutionize classrooms by taking on a systematic approach to teaching social and emotional skills.

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