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Are you tired of constantly putting out fires in your classroom?


Spending countless hours prepping and planning lessons for social emotional learning (SEL)?


Feeling frustrated by challenging behaviors that seem to disrupt your teaching flow?


You're not alone.


But what if there was a solution that could support you every step of the way?


Introducing SELebrate Good Times: The Community – your ultimate support system, right in your back pocket, available all day, every day, all year long.


We understand that teaching can feel like a never-ending battle, which is why we're here to help. Our community of Mentor Teachers and educators are dedicated to empowering teachers like you with the tools, resources, and strategies you need to thrive in the classroom.


Imagine diving into the world of emotional intelligence, intentional leadership, and best practices across all academic content areas. From coaching into Readers and Writers workshop to mastering CGI math, STEM, and STEAM with the integration of digital storytelling – we've got you covered.


But more than that, SELebrate Good Times: The Community is a place where you'll find genuine connections, inspiration, and the support of a like-minded herd.


Because let's face it, you're not meant to do this work alone.


The doors to The Community will swing open on May 26th, and we'll hit the ground running together on June 1st. 


Don't miss your chance to rediscover joy in teaching. 


Join us, and let's SELebrate Good Times together!


PAY $297 NOW, and then only $49/month (August 2024-May 2025) after that!

SELebrate Good Times: THE COMMUNITY

  • Once you pay your initial Summer fee of $297, you will automatically be added into our system to join The Community.

    All SELebrate Good Times Community Members will then go to the Plans and Pricing page by August 1st to start their monthly payment of $49 every month (August 2024 - May 2025). 

    Please note that this is a YEAR long contract. You will not be refunded, nor will you be able to cancel once you have purchased your initial membership. 

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