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SELebrate Good Times

With Kim Gameroz

TEACH Social and Emotional Skills.
 Don't EXPECT them!

Check out what educators across the country are saying about Kim Gameroz
and SELebrate Good Times

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Teaching Inside Out

Empowering teachers with strategies and systems embedded into the school day so they can take their classrooms from chaos to calm without adding one more thing to their plates.

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Pathway to Family Freedom

Giving simple tips and tricks to parents and families to use with their children so they can start and end their days with ease and calm.

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Innovative Leadership

Leading your team of Heart Heroes and Champions towards creating a roadmap of SEL systems and a common language so you can support your teachers, students, and families with equity, longevity, and sustainability.

Dear Teachers,

ALL of us need social and emotional competencies now more than ever. There are some incredible SEL curriculums out there with lessons and resources that have been created and curated for teachers and parents alike. 

But as teachers, we don't want ONE MORE THING added to our plate that we need to integrate into our day. Not one more lesson, not a monthly skill, not another activity or curriculum book.

Giving people the tools to thrive each day is my passion. So often we tend to slip back and EXPECT our kids to just "know what to do." When they're upset, we sometimes expect them to come up with the tools and strategies they need in order to cope on their own. When they're nervous or filled with worry, we don't know what to say to make it better. And when they're filled with energy and excitement, we run out of ways to tell our kids to calm down and be in control. 

Are you looking for one-on-one coaching?


I will work alongside you to figure out the systems that you need right now. I'll give you your next best steps towards creating that transformation in your classroom that you desire. And the best part about it is that it gets to be simple. It gets to be easy. And not only will you see a change in your students, but you're going to feel the most incredible transformation in yourself.

Are you looking for a guide and resources?

My Heart Hero Membership is perfect for educators who just need a little bit of inspiration, guidance, and all the visuals to make it happen. 

Are you looking for a Community of heart-centered and like-minded educators who are just like YOU?

Join my Teaching Inside Out Coaching Program. I will coach you from the outside looking IN while giving YOU the tools to teach your student from the inside OUT. It's not a question whether I can help you change the's who is going to be on board to help us change the world. 

Dear Schools and Districts,

Social Emotional Learning is not going to come from a curriculum. Some are not culturally relevant, they truly don't support your Tier II and Tier III students with social and emotional deficits and lagging skills, and teachers don't want one more thing added to their plate. 

Mentoring teachers, schools, and families is one of my favorite parts of my job. I will help you create your own school, or district, Social Emotional Learning roadmap, fine tune the common language that you'll bring to your community, and build your teams of teachers, support staff, district personnel, liaisons, and parents who will help you sustain your systems and create the impact you desire. Not only that, but I will show you how to form those connections with your community and families so that you are able to bridge that gap between school and home.


Wherever you are on your journey, and whatever trainings or curriculums you are using or have used in the past, I am here to serve, guide, and support YOU so that Social Emotional Learning looks and feels simple, and you get to experience a magical transformation in all your teachers, staff, and students.

This in-person coaching can be tailored to best meet you and your team's needs. Please contact Kim to discuss this plan further so she can best meet your goals for this school year. 

Dear Families,

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the constant chaotic feelings that surround your home? Are you wanting strategies that will truly support your child and their unique needs? Are you looking for support as you navigate those elementary, middle, and high school years?

I will work alongside you to put together a year's worth of simple and effective strategies and systems that will completely transform your family and your home. I will support you as you go through IEPs and talking to the educators, teachers, school administrators, and therapists that work with your child so that you do not have to walk through this alone. 

I will give you next best steps that are simple, easy to implement, and will support not only your child(ren), but YOU and your entire family. We will create a common language that you all can use so that everyone is consistently on the same page, and even when those changes to a schedule, or sudden additions to the day come up, you have the tools to navigate through these unexpected events, and you have the knowledge to support your child in those topsy-turvy moments.

As parents, we cannot pour from an empty cup. And with calm, peace, and a family that is filled with systems and strategies that work, you will be able to pour from a cup that is truly overflowing. 

“The wave that we've had of SELebrate Good Times across our district has been amazing.


We are not only seeing transformations within our students in classrooms, but all of our teachers have just become lighter. They are enjoying teaching again.


And at this time where we are in our society, it has been such a great shift for us all."

- District Instructional Coach

Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District


SELebrate Good Times

With Kim Gameroz

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